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Real Product launched Joocy fruit drinks in 2L package


Following the current economic trends of steady decrease of consumption in the HORECA channel and respective increase of consumption at home, Real Product Ltd. launched Joocy fruit drinks in 2L family convenient package with a cap. The company takes into account the needs of consumers, demanding better quality at a lower price. That is why Joocy fruit drinks have the lowest price than any other fruit drink in 2L package in Bulgarian market. The convenient package, lowest price and good quality of these drinks make them well recognized and preferred by consumers.

The company is proud to own the only filling line for 2L juices in Bulgaria and intends to surprise consumers with new flavours very soon.

Distributors and partners expect Real Product to become one of the leaders in the 2L segment in Bulgaria. Many international partners also show great interest in Joocy fruit drinks and the company has already exported them to Canada, Sweden, Cyprus and Libya.